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What if I want a charm that is not pictured?
Just because a certain charm is not shown on our Products page doesn't mean we can't make it! If you would like to order a new charm, please ask - chances are we can make it for you.
Can I customize an existing product?
Yes. All our products are highly customizable - just give us your specifications and we will do our best to match them. For example, we can add a name to the giraffe's hat, or make the giraffe hold a soccer ball.
May I order something other than wine charms?
Yes. In addition to wine charms, we currently offer small statues, wire photo holders, placecard holders and breast cancer earrings. If you would like to request a new product, please do so - we're always open to new ideas!
How do I decide what charms to order?
We like to tailor each set of wine charms to the recipient. We have lots of charms pictured on our Products page to help you decide what to order. Think about what your recipient likes - does she have any hobbies? Favorite foods? Favorite pets? Does he like to travel? Play sports? We are happy to work with you to create the perfect set of wine charms, so send us an email and we can get started!
What if my wine charm breaks?
Please follow the Care guidelines to keep your charms safe and healthy. If your wine charm breaks within a year under normal use, we will gladly replace it free of charge. Please send us an email with a description (and photo if possible) of your charm, including wire and bead type, and we will send a replacement. Please note that the replacement may not be exactly the same as the original, since each charm is handmade.









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